The temple is situated 36 Km from Tirupati and is one of the Pancha Bhootha Sthalas, representing Vayu (Wind). It is said to be the Kailas of the South and is located on the banks of the river Swarnamukhi.

Lord Shiva exists in the form of a linga , SriKalahasteeshwara and Goddess Parvati as Gnana Prasunamba.

The temple is famous for Rahu-Kethu Pooja

The name is derived from Sri(Spider), Kala (Serpent), Hasti (Elephant) who were ardent Shiva devottees.

It is the place where Lord Shiva’s devottee Kannappa was ready to sacrifice his eyes when he saw blood oozing out of the Shiva Linga.

SriKalahasti is well connected by road and has a Railway station. The nearest airport is Tirupati airport


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